Why Louis Otieno’s son has refused to visit ailing mum

He was kicked out of his home while he was 17 years old

In Summary

• Silas learnt about her ailment via a third party since he's not on talking terms with her

Louis Otieno with his son Miami
Louis Otieno with his son Miami
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Silas Miami, the son of renowned journalist Louis Otieno, has refused to visit his ailing mum, whom he accuses of being abusive.

He tweeted that he learnt about her ailment through a third party since they are not on talking terms.

"I'm told my abusive mother is very unwell. But this information was relayed to me by a third party because she is too proud to reach out herself," he wrote.

"Even at death's door, she refuses to swallow it and apologise. That is what narcissism looks like. Sending thoughts and prayers." 

The tweet from Silas attracted many reactions, with his followers asking him to forgive his mother.

But according to Silas, the pain he went through at the hands of his biological mum cannot be erased.

He called on people not to excuse abusive parents.

"If you're a survivor of narcissistic abuse and you're following the wild happenings over here, I need you to know that I see you, your pain is valid. I believe you. And you're going to be just fine. You deserved better and you owe nothing to those who harmed you. You are loved."

He added, "I really want to know where people purchase the nerve, cheek and gumption to speak to me as they know me personally. Where is the source of this audacity? To give a stranger 'advice' on their pain with such... forwardness?"

Earlier on, Silas Miami exposed his parents for soliciting money from him even though they are opposed to his gay relationship.

Having been kicked out of his home while he was 17 years, he said his parents first reached out to him when his dad was unwell, forcing him to travel back home from South Africa.

Silas is also not on good terms with his dad Louis Otieno.

He is a filmmaker, photographer, musician and a lecturer based in South Africa, and is behind some local films like 'Disconnect', 'Supa Modo' and 'Lusala'.