Mr Seed’s wife denies bleaching her face

Different skin shades are an inherited trait, she said

In Summary

• She did a video showing how her body was different from her face and explained why

Nimo Gachuiri
Nimo Gachuiri
Image: Courtesy

Mr Seed's wife Nimo has denied bleaching her face. In an Instagram video, curious fans noticed her face was lighter than the rest of her body.

"Am I crazy? If I wanted to bleach I would have started with my hands," she said.

"You better look at my hands, I have like a birthmark. It separates; on this side, I have lighter skin tone, and on the other side, it's darker. And my mum is exactly this way. If you have a problem my friend, it's not your problem."

After the rant, Nimo posted a picture of her mum to prove the point. She also shared her TBT pictures to show she hasn't changed her skin tone.

She added that the comments and have been disturbing her and that is why she decided to clear the air.