Baby No. 2? When the time is right, says Nyashinski's wife

In Summary
  • Says she's on the grind and her focus is on building her brand.
  • When the time is right, they will have the discussion, says Zia. 
Kenyan musician Nyamari Ongegu, aka Nyashinski, and bride Zippy Bett,
Kenyan musician Nyamari Ongegu, aka Nyashinski, and bride Zippy Bett,
Image: Nyashinski instagram

Rapper Nyashinski's wife, Zia Bett, has opened up about her family.

Zia, a businesswoman and founder of Keto Life, talked about how long she will wait before getting baby number two.

Speaking to vlogger Just Angie, she said:

“I’m not sure right now. As you can tell I'm on the grind so right now my focus is on building my brand and getting back on track. I think when the time is right, we will have that discussion.”

The couple - who love keeping their private life very private – have a two-year-old baby boy. 

Asked how she would encourage a new mum who feels like her life is going nowhere and the whole world is moving on, Zia said:

"Comparison is the thief of joy and especially in this age of social media. It is very easy to see a mum who they have got it all together, they look happy and you are there crying and overwhelmed, so do your best and don’t compare yourself. 

She said everyone’s journey is different. "Only you know what's happening within, so take your time, and follow your heart and pray.>

Zia said she tries to follow God’s voice in everything and being led by the spirit. 

"I’m not trying to pre-empt and overthink or compare myself with anyone and I think that is the beauty of it all. That is the beauty of life."

Zia has an eCommerce platform where she sells unique outfits for the modern woman.

She opened the shop in 2019 but was forced to close because of Covid. 

"I was more focused on building the brand and the name and getting as many women to wear my clothing as possible. My break came after learning from my failures and successes over the years.”

She has re-strategised and has come up with a platform where she does not have to leave the house, Zia said. 

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