I do not know that child, Jalang’o says of viral pic

He called the joke distasteful as it could ruin his marriage the baby’s parents'

In Summary

• Rumours swirled the child was looking for his father, who was described like Jalang’o

Kiss FM presenter Jalang'o
Kiss FM presenter Jalang'o

Kiss 100 presenter Jalang’o has dismissed claims he could have sired a child whose picture was shared on social media.

Rumours swirled around with claims that the child was looking for his father, whose description matched Jalang’o’s.

Addressing the issue during the breakfast show on Kiss 100, Jalang’o denied any association with the child and expressed his disappointment at the claims.

"People have shared a photo of this baby that everybody is tagging me about, and all are saying he is my lookalike," he said.

He added that he did not have any personal relationship with the child and did not know the parents.

He then slammed the person who shared it and called the joke distasteful because it had the potential to ruin his marriage and that of the baby’s parents.

"So imagine if your wife was not as amazing as she is and not as clear-headed and reasonable as she is. If your wife was crazy, she would have started an argument," Kamene Goro told Jalas.

He said the rumours could also put a strain on the boy’s father by planting seeds of doubt as to whether he is the biological dad.

"Can you imagine if that was your child whose photo is going around being peddled out as somebody's else's child? You get what I mean, it can be messy, very messy," Jalas said.

"People told me to have fun with the photo and post it. I told them this is not my kid and it would be very bad if I even posted it. It will even cause more doubt to the family. It would be extremely insensitive."

In an interview with Mpasho, Jalang'o said he doesn't post his children on social media.

"I actually regret posting my daughter on social media. One, I don’t know if that is what she would have liked. Two, for her privacy's sake. And three, I don’t want people, her teachers, to treat her differently cause she is Jalang’o’s daughter."