Why Chipukeezy's show at Radio Maisha aborted

He was in Vegas when much-hyped show was to premiere

In Summary

• He thought he was allowed to attend his shows abroad without being fired


Nacada vice chair Chipukeezy has shared details of why he never worked for Radio Maisha despite being hired.

Speaking during an interview on 'Bonga na Jalas', the comedian said he had been approached by media personality Alex Mwakideu, who then introduced him to the bosses.

Chipukeezy said the management agreed to hire him but on the condition they would allow him to attend his shows abroad without being fired.

"I told them I do not have an issue to go back to radio as long I would be allowed to continue with my shows as a comedian. I wanted them to allow me to do the show as my idea and on my terms without being limited. Whether I was in Vegas or Nairobi.

"They thought I was bragging about the shows I have had before. I was in Vegas at the time when the contract was being made yet I was to report on Tuesday. They had already made adverts and billboards announcing my show. When I came back to Kenya walikua wamenifuria sana."

Chipukeezy added that the same day they terminated the contract is when his show 'Chipukeezy Show' was born.

"Media owners are oppressing artistes. I thought as an artiste you are given a good contract but you do not have the freedom to express who you are. That is why I did not go back to work on radio," he said.

During the interview, Chipukeezy addressed his alleged beef with Kartelo. The two had projects together but Chipukeezy said people should stop being petty as art is not group work.

"He is a grown man who has parents and a family, so we only come together when he has something to be seen. He is trying to put together content for his radio show," he said.

"As an artiste, you don’t have to hang out with people just because they are there. He knows himself and we don’t have to hang out all the time. He needs time to hang out with other people.

"He is a king and has his own kingdom. We are done since the day I gave him an interview, being an artiste is not a glamorous job. There are days you will be broke and clueless, so take your time and figure out what you want."

Kartelo recently made a comeback after a long hiatus.