Diamond shrugs off award haters

Some Tanzanians want his name removed from BET nominees

In Summary

• He is grateful that people are thinking about him, whether positively or negatively

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz
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Singer Diamond Platnumz has broken his silence after Tanzanians launched a petition to have his name removed from this year’s BET Awards nominee list.

Diamond said everyone is entitled to their opinion and he is respectful of that. In a recent interview, Diamond said he would never hate anyone for speaking their minds.

“I respect everyone's opinions, if someone likes me, insults me, I'm grateful because it means they have me in their thoughts and that’s a blessing.

“When someone speaks ill bad about you, it’s not that they hate you. They probably woke up in a bad mood.

"Avoid hating someone who says something bad about you, you never know when he wakes up with a temper tantrum and decides to end it on you. Tomorrow he/she might regret it and apologise."