Mejja refuses to talk with 'thief' after YouTube strike

Tabia za Wakenya' was pulled down after copyright claim by Bouja Bwuoy

In Summary

• He alleged sabotage but Bouja Bwuoy said it is Mejja who rudely told him to report

Singer Mejja
Singer Mejja
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Gengetone artiste Mejja has spoken out after his song 'Tabia za Wakenya' was pulled down from YouTube. 

The song was pulled down after a copyright claim on the video by upcoming artiste Bouja Bwuoy.

Speaking to Word Is, Mejja, alias Okwonko, said the move was meant to slow down his music career. 

"I uploaded the music that strikes mine, and as you can hear, they are different. I want this thing to stop, my psyche is down right now," he said. 

"On the fateful day, I was going for a video shoot but cancelled it. I thank those who supported me. I want to deal with this issue the legal way, the music will be back on YouTube."  

After the music was pulled down, Mejja has not held any talks with Bouja Boy, who claimed to be the rightful owner of the beats in the song.

"How can you talk with a thief? I cannot talk to a thief, just wait and see," Mejja said.

"This guy knows he is wrong, but he knows by striking me on YouTube, it will slow down subscribers, views. This was just a dirty game on my business. And it really bored me. When I say I am dealing with it, I swear I will deal with it."

On Saturday, Bouja Boy told Mpasho he reached out to Mejja for talks before taking legal action. 

According to the Burundi national, Mejja snubbed him. 

"I have no bile with Mejja. He was very rude to me. He told me, 'Kuna mahali ya kureport' and I proceeded to provide proof to YouTube. I started processing the music two hours after the music was uploaded. I have no benefits by reporting him, but alinionyesha madharau," he said.

The Genge artiste had also been accused by another upcoming artist called Revina of stealing the same song from him. 

There was another accusation made against him that led to his song #NaitwaMejja being pulled down from YouTube hours after its release.

The 'Siskii' hitmaker confirmed the song was pulled down from YouTube because it was reported for sampling, and the person who reported him refused to come to an understanding with him.