Party after party cost Kate Actress her first Sh1 million

She quit school and didn't know what to do with the cash

In Summary

• Kate Actress said she got carried away after making her first million at 25 years old

Kate Actress
Kate Actress
Image: Courtesy

Catherine Kamau, alias Kate Actress, says money made her quit college.

In a recent interview on her YouTube channel, the mother of two said her first deal blew her off.

"I quit college after I got a role acting in 'Mother-in-law'. I got my first paycheck and I could afford to buy my son stuff comfortably, so I decided not to continue with school," she said, adding that she made her first million at 25 years.

"I got swallowed into the party life and ditched college. My mum could not allow it, so she told me to move out."

Within no time, she ran out of cash, and that is when she took life seriously. "I started becoming serious. Luckily for me, they had only paid me 50 per cent."

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