Freiburger Film Forum to focus on sociocultural topics

The free livestream will take place online from May 6-16

In Summary

• All films will be available to screen from home and will be free to view in Kenya

Freiburger Film forum poster
Freiburger Film forum poster
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Freiburger Film Forum, a festival of transcultural cinema, will take place online from May 6-16.

A statement sent by the organisers said that with 30 films stretched over 10 days, the 2021 edition will take a closer look at a broad variety of sociocultural topics: everyday lives, working conditions, experiences of migration, consequences of economic growth and questions of diverse cultural identities.

To feature documentaries and fictions from established filmmakers, the students’ platform will present a careful selection of debut films from all over the globe that is deeply personal, sensitive and committed to a cause.

This year’s edition will be online and a discussion of the films from various corners of the world, which has resulted in the addition of an exciting new facet to the festival: #FifoJunctions!

Partnering with Dap (Documentary Association Pakistan) and DocuBox in Nairobi, Kenya, it will screen films simultaneously in these locations and discuss them from multiple perspectives.

In addition to this collaboration with partners in Kenya and Pakistan, other highlights from the programme include a panel on colonial heritage in Kenya and Germany, a workshop on Chinese weavings, a historic radio piece on the banlieues of Paris and a participative performance on African orature.

All films will be available to screen from home and will be free to view in Kenya. As the films will be livestreamed from the cinema to living rooms, they can be watched simultaneously worldwide.

Following the live stream, viewers can participate in live, post-screening film discussions via Zoom.