Samidoh at peace after public apology to wife

Bloggers exaggerated the issue but negativity sells, he says

In Summary

• Samidoh says his wife knew about affair with Karen Nyamu before she told the public

Mugithi artist Samido
Mugithi artist Samido
Image: Moses Mwangi

Mugithi star Samidoh says he is at peace after apologising to his wife Edith in public after he cheated on her with politician Karen Nyamu.

Speaking on Churchill Show 'Journey Series', the 'Mumbi' hitmaker said he owned his mistakes for him to heal.

"Bloggers exaggerated the issue but I understand negativity is what sells. People pretend they know you so much," he said.

Samidoh said his wife of 10 years has helped him in healing and overcoming the challenges. Samidoh cheated on his wife with Nyamu and sired a son with her.

In March, after Nyamu shared a video of Samidoh with their child born out of wedlock, the singer apologised to his wife, family and fans.

Samidoh told Churchill that even before the story was made public by Karen Nyamu in October last year, it had been there and his wife knew about it.

"It has traumatised me and it is for a certain reason those videos are posted. "I decided not to dwell on it because I felt there were people who were even against my apology. I decided not to dwell on it from the day I gave my statement on my social media platforms."

Samidoh added that he did a mistake and that sins don't stop becoming sins when you do them.

"I am not supposed to justify myself about anything. I have to own my mistakes to start healing. From that time, I am at peace and my wife is okay. She is the pillar, especially because she is a prayerful woman."

During the interview, Samidoh addressed his love for God, saying he always makes it a habit to have a close relationship.

"It is since I know you cannot make yourself anything important in a society with your knowledge or power or anything. It's God who makes you how you are. If God did not create me, who would have done so?"

He added that as an artiste, he believes God gives them the grace to shine differently.

"Artistes huwa hawaishi. No, it's the grace period that ends. Some will be given a longer period, others a less period. So stay with God always. "

He is currently promoting his new hit 'Ihinda ringi (Another chance)', which he said he is about him asking God to give him another chance for the wrong decisions he has ever made in life.

"I did this song even before the dramas, not after, and coincidentally singeitupa. I am conversing with my God to give me another chance. There are many wrong decisions we make in life."