I was sexually harassed at nine years, says King Kaka's wife

She kept it secret, didn't want Kaka think of her as 'damaged goods'

In Summary

• Nana says she's carried the trauma for many years, recently started seeing a therapist

King Kaka's wife Nana Owiti
King Kaka's wife Nana Owiti
Image: Radio Jambo

King Kaka's wife has opened up about the trauma she has faced after being sexually harassed when she was around class two.

Speaking on her YouTube channel 'By NanaOwiti', the mother of two said she regrets that she never told her mum in black and white.

"I tried to tell my mum and she missed the point. This is like a trauma I have carried so many years, and I recently decided that I needed to see a therapist about this," she said.

Nana said her mother was a policewoman and very strict.

"She was a strict mum and I feared telling her so many things. She was a cop and her house was small and so we would share a sitting room, the toilet there was one bedroom."

She added that there was no space where kids would sleep as her mum would use the bedroom. In the sitting room, they would have one bed and so her mum trusted this man to share a bed with Nana.

"The first day we went to sleep, I remember feeling that the only person I trusted sleeping with was my grandpa at home in the village. I come here and this man at night touches me inappropriately and I knew it was wrong, so I told him to stop."

She asked the man to stop and he asked her to touch him also.

"I refused and he warned me not to tell my mum. We did not have a good relationship growing up since she was very strict, and she had me when she was young and could not be allowed to stay with me coz cops were not allowed to stay with kids back then."

Nana said that she tried to tell her mum that this man was touching her inappropriately.

Her mum missed the point and jokingly told him, "Wewe kwa nini unanichunia mtoto?"

"At night, it was the same cycle and I didn't tell anyone again up until around when I was pregnant with my son. That is when I told my husband. He was shocked that I did not tell him."

Explaining why she did not tell her husband, Nana said she did not want him to think she is 'damaged goods' or like I am too broken. Nana said the reason she spoke about the issue to the public is that she wants to heal.

"I want to be able to forgive him not because he deserves but because I deserve peace. I want to break away from his jaws mentally. From a parent to another. Pay close attention before it's too expensive. Teach your children the boundaries."

Edited by T Jalio