Jemutai broke up with baby daddy

The Churchill Show comedian opened up on struggles of single parenting

In Summary

• She termed the man a cool person but would not elaborate on their breakup

Comedian Jemutai
Comedian Jemutai
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Comedian Jemutai is not together with the father of her children. 

The Churchill Show comedian revealed this in an Instagram session, where she answered fans’ questions.

“I am not married, thank you,” she wrote.

Later, she wrote how hard it is for her as a single parent. 

“From paying the bills, being a full-time mum/dad. Attending to a sick child. It is too much for one person to handle. If you are a deadbeat mum or dad, shame on you.”

When asked what happened to her and the baby daddy, Jemutai simply said the man is a cool person.

The mother of two has been sharing photos of her little one on social media and revealed that she delivered her kids through CS.