DJ Sadic cuts his signature dreadlocks

It is part of his transformation that also includes working out

In Summary

• He joins Timmy Tdat, comedian Obina and Nick Odhiambo in shaving craze

DJ Sadic's new look
DJ Sadic's new look
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Gospel mix master DJ Sadic is making major changes in his life.

Recently he stunned his fans by sharing a before and after photo of his body transformation.

The spinmaster, who has been hitting the gym for a year, showed off his buff physique on Instagram.

“January 2020 when I started working out versus January 2021. Proud of my progress. #Don #Mufasa,” he captioned it.

Now, he has made another major change by shaving his signature dreadlocks.

NTV’s Dr Kingori debuted his new look with the caption, “Yaani after all these years in the Gospel industry, Dj Sadiq(@djsadic) just got Shaved!😜 Saved by Jesus. Shaved by @b.u.j.a.b.o.y.”

Other celebrities who have shaved their dreadlocks include singer Timmy Tdat, comedian Obina and Nick Odhiambo.