Magufuli helped me get back Wasafi TV, says Diamond

He says the late President treated him like his own son

In Summary

• Star said the President asked him not to let him down any more

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz
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Diamond Platnumz says late President John Pombe Magufuli helped him ease the ban that was put on his TV station.

Wasafi TV had been given a six-month ban after airing unclean content

“I was lucky to have the blessings of speaking to him from time to time on phone. When my TV station was closed, he called me and asked what I had done this time round,” said Diamond during the burial of the late President.

“To say the truth, he helped me get it back and ease the ban. He asked me not to let him down any more. He treated me like his son.

“I used to get his missed calls and get shocked. He would call me in the morning and later changed and started calling me in the evenings.”

Diamond brought tens of artistes together in a tribute called 'Lala Salama'.

“We have tried in the few minutes of the song to say what he has done. We can't finish saying all he did but we tried to praise him because we loved him and will always remember him.”