I've never been pregnant, says Vera Sidika

She said 'bad girls' are the most careful to avoid pregnancy

In Summary

• She said she always uses protection and will get pregnant when she wants

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika
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Socialite Vera Sidika has once again shut down pregnancy rumours.

Vera vented at the latest in a recurring pattern.

"I don’t understand. Y’all say I’m pregnant every year. Sijui ni air pregnancy coz by now I should be having like four kids for the four years of rumours," she said.

She said she always uses protection.

"People have this narrative that I’m a bad b***h and should be having like 10 kids with different baby daddies by now," she said.

"Let me tell you a secret: most bad girls are the most careful ones. Can’t just go around having babies with everyone. I have never gotten pregnant coz I always protect it. But the day I do, it’s because I am ready at that time and want it."

Back when Vera was breaking up with Otile Brown, he alleged she aborted his child.