‘Wife Material’ is for adults — Eric

Keep your children away from the show, he says

In Summary

• Comedian says by now everyone should understand it is not a family show

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi
Image: Couresy

Comedian Eric Omondi says his YouTube reality show 'Wife Material' will be back soon.

Taking to social media, he assured his fans it is coming back but with a few terms and conditions.

Mainly, keep your children away from the show.

"By now I assume that everybody understands that #WifeMaterial is clearly not a family show," he wrote.

"As we prepare to bring back #WifeMaterial2, it is important to clearly state that this show is rated. Please prepare and take note accordingly."

Early this month, Eric was arrested over the show after KFCB claimed it was unauthorised.

The Season 2 of 'Wife Material' show had brought together contestants from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

During the unveiling, two contestants were involved in a physical fight at a city club during his birthday party.