Is Diamond's mother pregnant?

She and hubby have been sharing photos of her ‘baby bump’

In Summary

• This would reflect a change in stance after previously ruling out getting another baby

Uncle Shamte with Diamond's mum Sandra
Uncle Shamte with Diamond's mum Sandra
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Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Mama Dangote, might just be pregnant with baby number three.

She is a mother to the Bongo singer and Esma Khan, who are all grown up with children of their own.

Mama Dangote and her husband, Uncle Shamte, have been sharing photos, showcasing her ‘baby bump’.

In 2019, she said she is not ready to get a child due to her age and complications that may arise in the labour room.

She said her husband loves her with or without a baby, and those suggesting she gets a child don’t want the best for her.

“Sasa Katika utu Uzima wangu huu nizae, sisi tumeoana kuhava a good time. Tuzae nini na utu uzima huu, mnataka nifie Labour na mambo ya Kuzaa... Sitaki mambo ya kuzaa sasa ivi,” Mama Dangote said at the time.