Chipukeezy pledges less talk, more action in new Nacada role

He said his rise should inspire youth that they can achieve anything

In Summary

• New Nacada board vice chairman says alcohol is still a crisis in Kenya


Comedian Vincent Mwasia, alias Chipukeezy, has been elected the new vice-chair of the Nacada board.

Chipukeezy said on social media the board had elected him as the new vice chair, and he was determined to carry his mandate with dignity and dedication.

"His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed me as a young director to the Nacada board, and it has been an honour and an amazing opportunity to serve the nation," he wrote.

"I take this opportunity to thank the board for electing me as the new vice chairperson of Nacada Kenya. I will continue serving the nation."

He will work under the chairperson Mabel Imbuga.

Speaking to Word Is on Tuesday, Chipukeezy said he will keep doing the best. "We cannot solve this problem in our offices. Therefore, we need to come out and talk to the people on the ground about drugs, and let's reduce the talks and increase the actions."

Regarding his appointment, he said, "When I look at where I have come from, I feel there is hope for everyone in this country, especially the young people. Like when I left the village, I did not even know if I would ever become a 'makanga' in this city, but look at me now. This should be an encouragement even to young people that they, too, can achieve anything."

Chipukeezy promised to continue working with other board members. "Alcohol is still a crisis in this country. We want to change the narrative and handle the situation in all parts of the country."

He said Nacada has partnered with NHIF, whereby you can willingly take yourself to a rehab, and also with the Ministry of Education, whereby young people are being taught about drug abuse at an early age.

He was first appointed to Nacada by President Uhuru Kenyatta in June 2018 as an artiste with a passion for community outreach programmes targeting the youth in and out of learning institutions to inculcate behaviour change and mentorship.

Speaking during the first international conference on drugs demand reduction, Chipukeezy emphasised on the need to stay away from drugs.

"There is an emergence of the use of hard drugs in our urban areas, especially Nairobi. Most young people lack mentors in life and end up indulging in drugs. And alcohol is still number one, although hard drugs like cocaine are also abused."