Mr Seed, Jfam drop 'Number One'

Their aim is to remind people of the gospel

In Summary

• Everything will pass but God's word will remain, is the message of the song

Mr Seed and Jfam
Mr Seed and Jfam
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Gospel artistes Mr Seed and Jfam have collaborated in a new song called 'Number One'.

In an interview with Word Is, the two said their aim was to remind people of the gospel.

"The song tries to show people that gospel music is always number one. God says everything will pass but His word will remain, and that’s the gospel" Jfam said.

Mr Seed added that he is one of the most-spoken-about stars.

"I have been talked about and it's not bad to brag about Christ. God gives you what He does so you can give a testimony," he said.

"There are people who will just hate on you for nothing. Sometimes when you do a good video, some people will say this is not gospel. How should a gospel video look like?"