How TPF made Wendy pic-shy

She was afraid of how people would react if she posted online

In Summary

• She feared everything she put out must be perfect

Wendy Kimani
Wendy Kimani
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Singer Wendy Kimani says she was afraid of posting photos online as she was never sure how people would react.

Wendy came into prominence after being the first runners-up in the second season of Tusker Project Fame.

"I believe it came from being shoved into the limelight overnight," she said.

"So the thoughts that went through my head were, what will people think?⁠ Am I living up to their expectation?⁠ Is my life not Insta-glamourous enough for the gram⁠? Everything I put out must be perfect.⁠ I’ll embarrass myself by being myself⁠."

She later broke out of her cocoon and hasn’t looked back since.⁠

"Then so be it! So last year September, I jumped into the deep end and decided to start creating content because that’s what I love to do and vowed to figure out what I don’t know as I go."