How Isabella Kituri found love after being widowed

Reassurances from pastor and her son helped her date again

In Summary

• The pastor who married her and late hubby helped her in her journey to move on

Isabellla Kituri
Isabellla Kituri
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Media personality Isabella Kituri found love eight years after the death of her husband. She described the journey as tough and one that had a lot of shock.

She said this in an interview with Grace Msalame on 'Unscripted' over the weekend.

“Loss for everyone is quite tough. The journey took me eight years, until the pastor who married us met me. He told me to take off the ring. I was not seeing anyone but I was still attached to Kituri. We had just gotten married and gotten a baby,” she said.

“The pastor told me my husband would be happy if I was happy, that was step one.”

Her husband succumbed to ulcers and she was left with a three-month-old baby. She changed her name immediately after she got back from honeymoon.

“Branding was the entrance of new media at the time, my bosses advised me to be okay with the name and that's how it stuck. My son was quite sensitive about it.”

She is thinking of going back to her dad's name, Mwagodi.

The former KTN journalist said she realised she was ready to find love when her son was going to boarding school.

“That gave me an assurance,” she said.

“There was also a time I was with my mum at a mall and she said I should try a wedding dress on for good luck and my son cried. That evening he told me if you want to get married, you can get married,” she said.

“I started going out and being open to seeing people but the older you grow, the more the ears and eyes show you the chuff. Finally, I met this guy we used to be in a WhatsApp group together.”

Their first date was to watch a football match.

Her lowest moment is when she couldn't get out of bed to see the light and says the biggest lesson she has learnt is to be hopeful everything will fall in place.

“Go down on your knees. Stop seeking answers from everywhere. Everybody has their destiny but enjoy life at that moment,” she said.

"Get out of that sad zone. If you feel you can't get out, ask for help. Sadness leads to depression and depression leads to mental health issues."