Half a million subscribers an inspiration, says Desagu

His secret is to create relatable content

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• This has motivated him to put even more effort in his work.

Henry Desagu
Henry Desagu
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Henry Desagu is thankful to his fans to helping him reach half a million subscribers on YouTube. He said it has taken him God's grace and favour.

He told Word Is yesterday the secret is to create relatable content and be consistent always, adding that one needs a team to work with them.

"My fans, this means a lot to them. We have became a big team and this means we can achieve more together, even 1 million subscribers," he says. 

Desagu says this has motivated him to put even more effort in his work.

"This means growth for the brand and encourages me to dare to dream more and opens more doors for clients I can work with."

But what are the strategies he's been using to acquire such a huge following?

"I created a character relatable with the public and created situational comedy that is relatable with the people," he said.

"Be consistent and learn from other people. Determination, consistency, hard work and teamwork.

"For with God, everything is possible.  All the glory to Him and blessing to everyone for supporting Desagu."

In a past interview on 'The Journey Series', the comedian-cum-actor said when he stated his YouTube channel, he would create pseudo accounts where he would like and comment on his channel as no one was interested at the time.

To his fans, Desagu says, "I am humbled by your amazing support. I appreciate them so much. God bless them and let's dream now of 1 million subscribers. We will continue to upload more great content."

Two years ago, he received a Silver button for surpassing the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Desagu is the second-most followed YouTuber after Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill Show), who has a whopping 1.56 million followers.