Sarah K's daughter Patricia ties the knot

She said it's not easy to see your only daughter leave but was happy

In Summary

• It was a private purple-and-white themed ceremony

Sarah K's daughter Patricia with her husband William
Sarah K's daughter Patricia with her husband William
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Over the weekend, Patricia, Sarah K's firstborn daughter, walked down the aisle with William, her long-term boyfriend.

The celebrated gospel music minister, together with her husband, Sammy Thubi, gave out their daughter in a private purple-and-white themed ceremony.

In a recent social media post, Sarah K shared her emotions.

“What a day that was. Though it's not easy to see your only daughter leave, it's biblical and a joy of every parent. Congratulations to William and Patricia,” she wrote on Instagram.

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei added "Congratulations", while Lady Bee wrote, "Wooo congratulations to them, baraka tele."

A fan by the name 'Ngendo Ngai' wrote, "Congratulations to her, you resemble a lot, thought it was a tbt of your wedding day."

In 2016, Patricia graduated at the Middlesex University in Mauritius. Sarah K did not manage to attend the graduation ceremony but was represented by her husband.

However, Sarah K penned a beautiful graduation message for Patricia: “Nampenda Mungu asiyeshindwa (I love the Lord who is undefeated). Congrats to our daughter, away from home but still did it. You’ve made us proud. To God be all the glory.”

The 'Liseme' hitmaker is a mother to three kids but describes herself as mother to many spiritual sons and daughters. She is also the founder of Tuesday's Worship Moments at Nairobi film centre.