Nyota Ndogo: Why I won't have kids with Dutch hubby

Age, biology and prior kids in the way of further expansion

In Summary

• She said her man is old and they have five kids from past relationships

Nyota Ndogo with her Dutch hubby
Nyota Ndogo with her Dutch hubby
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Coast-based singer Nyota Ndogo says she will not have children with her Dutch husband Henning Nielsen.

Nyota Ndogo already has two kids from a previous relationship.

Sharing a video singing one of her songs about marriage and children on social media, the singer also said her hubby declined to add other children to their union.

She said there was a variety of reasons for that, with one of them being his age.

She said Henning already had three children and grandchildren, plus her two kids, which were more than enough.

“Please stop telling me issues about giving birth and others telling me that I do not want to give him a child because he’s old,” she said.

She also suggested Nielsen undertook a vasectomy. “And you know what whites do when they do not favour having children, right?” she said.

In a past interview, the singer said she has always had problems getting pregnant and that if it was up to her, she would have given birth every year.

She added that after giving birth to her firstborn son, it took her another seven years before she conceived again.

“Mie nipo na shida ya kizazi. Katika maisha yangu sijawai kutumia family plani yeyote ile," she said.

"Nilipomzaa Mbarak after seven years nikapata mimba ya Barka, niliona kama miujiza. Angalieni Mbarak yupo form one, Barka class 2.

"Ingekua uwezo wangu ningezaa kila mwaka watoto, ningezaa kama kuku, but ndio hivyo.”