Diamond knew Mzee Abdul was not real dad — grandma

She backed up the account by his mother

In Summary

• Diamond has always ignored critics who called him out for not taking care of Abdul

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz
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Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz knew who his real father is, his grandma Mwanaisha Mrisho has said.

Speaking to Tanzania news outlet Bona TV, Diamond's grandmother said the singer knew his real dad. He also introduced the granny to his baby mamas.

The 'Waah' hitmaker has remained mum after critics called him out for not supporting his 'dad' Mzee Abdul, until last week when his mother Sandrah revealed his biological father.

In the interview, Mrisho, the mother of Salim Idi N'yange (Diamond's real dad), said her son always told her he had an offspring somewhere, but the mother had 'given' him to another man.

She said she finally got to meet Diamond in 2002, when he paid a visit, and he was the exact copy of his father.

The granny said she lived with Diamond for two, three years, way before he became a global star.

She also revealed she had graced events in the singer's life, specifically those that involved his children, mentioning the two in South Africa with Zari and Tanasha's son.

"Mostly they are the children's events, those in South Africa and the one in Kenya. He introduced me to the women he has given birth with and tells them, 'This is my grandma, mother to my father," but just in low tones, and we even take pictures," she said.