Former Churchill show's comedian Njoro's mourns father's death

In Summary

• Njoro had announced that his dad was suffering from stomach cancer.

Comedian Njoro
Comedian Njoro

Former Churchill Show comedian George Maina alias Njoro has lost his dad.

Announcing the sad news to his fans on Instagram, Njoro said he is broken by the death of his dad.

"Am broken, totally broken. Where do I even start or what should I even do. Dad why now?? rest in peace Dad .r.i.p baba Njoro till we meet again lala salama....I loved you and will always do. .shine on your way Dad.

In July last year, the comedian revealed that his dad had been diagnosed with stomach cancer something that had drained him to an extent of falling into depression.

After he came out, Kenyans of goodwill offered to support him together with his family where he later announced that Project Afya had offered to pay hospital bills for his ailing father.

"Fam, we got help. have said they will take care of my dad's bill, all bills watalipa. I love you fam. God is good. namjue nawapenda. Holding on there is God in heaven @projectafyta Asante. @zainabuzeddy Mungu will pay you," he posted.

Project Afya is an organisation that helps ailing individuals in need of financial aid in settling their hospital bills.