Joey Muthengi blocked politician pursuing her

She did not reveal who he is but said he is old and married

In Summary

• She said that the politician later used the Parliament line to call her

Former TV host Joey Muthengi
Former TV host Joey Muthengi

Media personality Joey Muthengi says she blocked a politician who relentlessly pursued her when she worked as a news presenter at Citizen TV.

Speaking to comedian MC Jessy, she said she had to block an old politician who was pursuing her.

"Politicians are notorious and I have no idea why they like media girls. It's crazy. When I was on TV and you know I used to host them every morning, there was one who kept calling me."

"I had to block him, then he started WhatsApping me and I blocked him. Then one time I am at home and I see Parliament on true caller."

Joey did not reveal the politician's name but added that the situation made it awkward for her as she needed to host the politician a number of times on her show.

"I have never dated a politician but they seemed very interested in me. They are not single, all of them are married," she said.

Speaking about relationships, Joy said she was looking for reputable online dating sites since dating in Nairobi is a mess, judging from her own experience.

"I am looking for someone who will understand the real me, caring and someone who loves God and is driven."

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