Majirani to Ruto: You are the youth's only saviour

Song is inspired by fans urging the DP to help them start small businesses

In Summary

• He dreams of meeting the Deputy President and delivering the letter to him

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Former Grandpa Records artiste Majirani has written an open letter to Deputy President William Ruto in his new song, titled 'HE Ruto'.

Speaking to Word Is, Majirani said the song was inspired by the youths who need leaders to support their small ideas to build themselves.

"I have been following the political conversations for the last five years silently, but I never got the opportunity to express my views until this year."

Majirani has been away from the music scene for a while after he went broke and fell into depression.

He recently reached out to fans and well-wishers to help him continue his music.

Upon returning to Nairobi, things changed for him for the better.

"I received two letters addressing our Deputy President. One was from Narok and the other one from Thome-Marurui in Roysambu, Nairobi."

He added that the writers felt that since his brand was big, it would be easy for them to get their message to the DP through him.

"They sought an audience with him and wanted to invite him to help them start up small businesses."

As an artiste, Majirani said that he felt a big task ahead of him and therefore the only way he could reach DP William Ruto was by turning the letter into the most influential way of communication, and that's music.

"The song is called 'HE Ruto' with the subtitle 'Mkombozi', meaning saviour. As youths, we believe he is the only one left to fight for our future survival in this country," he said.

"The song is dedicated to all those who believe in his ideologies and hoping it gets to him. It will be on my official YouTube channel @majirani, and meeting him to deliver the letters in person will be a dream for me."

Edited by T Jalio