Don't ask a pregnant woman when she is due – Kambua

In Summary
  • Don't ask to touch her belly.
  • Don't ask whether she will give birth naturally or through CS.
Gospel artist Kambua Mathu
Gospel artist Kambua Mathu
Image: Kambua instagram

Don’t ask a pregnant woman whether she has mood swings or her due date. It’s in bad taste.

These are some of the lessons gospel singer Kambua has been giving on social media on being sensitive with what people tell others. 

In a recent post on Instagram, she explained some of the things people should not tell a pregnant woman.


They included wanting to touch a pregnant woman's belly and asking them whether they will have a natural birth or CS.

"Birth is birth," she wrote.

Kambua also addressed body shamers.

In the past, Kambua has also listed things one should not tell a couple that is struggling with infertility.

One is alluding to their prowess in bed.

"Stop telling men that they score blanks, or telling women to up their game. It’s not about sexual prowess!"


She added that miscarriages and infant loss are heartbreaking.


"Avoid saying things like, “God loved them more”… “It was God’s will”… 'You’ll get another one'. Sometimes, silence is golden."

Kambua also stated that all women are complete with or without a child, and should be appreciated.

Kambua and her husband, Jackson Mathu, spent seven years without getting a baby. They are currently expecting their second child.