Cardi B is too shy to ask men for collabos

She always get a little star-struck and holds back

In Summary

• She said she is scared to reach out to male artistes

Rapper Cardi B
Rapper Cardi B
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American rapper Cardi B says she does not collaborate with enough male rappers because she is too shy to ask for features.

Speaking in an interview after being crowned as the 'Billboard Woman of The Year,' she explained, "The thing is, I’m shy and really shy to reach out to male artistes, to be honest with you.

"That’s why a lot of collabos I want, I haven’t gotten yet because I’m scared to reach out. I always get a little star-struck. I’ll be thinking I’m corny, even though I’m funny."

Even when opening up on more sentimental cuts, such as 'Be Careful' and 'Ring', she experiences slight embarrassment with being so vulnerable.

"When it comes to me writing or putting ideas of my personal life in the music, I get really shy," she said.

"When I perform songs like ‘Be Careful’ or ‘Ring’, I usually close my eyes because I get really shy about showing that lovey-dovey side. Even to my engineer, I start giggling… like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t. This is so embarrassing’."