Rotimi gave me hope — Mdee

His love is 'the type that transforms you'

In Summary

• She says she met Rotimi when she was functioning and living, but not living

Vanessa with Rotimi
Vanessa with Rotimi
Image: Courtesy

Vanessa Mdee says her lover Rotimi came to her life while she was hopeless.

Speaking to Essence media, Vanessa said she was functioning and living, but not living.

"I was existing, honestly. And he came in at a point where I needed to hear certain things that I couldn’t have heard from anyone else," she said.


Vanessa added that Rotimi's heart is so big and his love is boundless.

"It’s the type that transforms you. And you honestly want to be the best version of yourself every single day."

The two met at the Essence Festival in America. They tried to have a long-distance relationship before deciding she moves permanently to the US.

Rotimi said, "I told her I don’t want you to go back to Africa. I want you to stay with me."