Is there trouble with the Bahatis?

Marua posted, 'The betrayal hurts; not everybody's loyalty can be earned'

In Summary

• The two have unfollowed each other on social media and deleted each other's photos

Diana Marua and Bahati
Diana Marua and Bahati
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Singer Bahati and wife Diana Marua have left their followers confused with their alleged ‘break up’ after the couple deleted each other’s photos on social media.

Diana recently shared a black rose often associated with new beginnings on her Instagram page.

"Sometimes you have to unfollow people in real life. God bless my next chapter," she wrote.

"The betrayal hurts but the lesson worked. You now know that not everybody's loyalty can be earned."


Diana also changed from Signora Bahati on her Instagram page to Miss Dee.

Word Is reached out to Bahati, who did not pick calls but later posted a warning:

"Stop planting flowers in people's yards who aren't going to water them. So bloggers, please stay away from my family.” 

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