We were broke after wedding, says Kate Actress

She advises couples to spend less impressing people after her rocky experience

In Summary

• Kate advises people to spend less on wedding and enjoy their honeymoon

Phil Karanja and Cate Actress
Phil Karanja and Cate Actress
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Director Philip Karanja and his wife Kate actress celebrated their third marriage anniversary yesterday.

The couple held a lavish wedding at the Windsor hotel. During their anniversary celebration, Kate recounted how they became broke after the wedding.


"We went to Seychelles for our honeymoon, we had no idea how expensive the island was," she wrote.

"Anway, we survived. Word of advice, spend less impressing guys and wedding, travel the world with your manz for your honeymoon. Happy anniversary to my ride or die, my person, my business partner. Doing life with you has been nothing but amazing."

Philip also celebrated his wife. He wrote, "The fact that you still give me both of these looks, I know we are still doing this thing called life together, forever. Happy third anniversary, my crazy amazing wife."