Come we stay? Zari wants partner but not husband

Socialite says she can do anything she wants for herself

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• She is 'not going to sign her life away' as she can even buy houses for herself

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
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Zari Hassan says she does not want to get married. The mother of five only wants a life partner and not a husband.

"I feel very independent and I can do for myself anything I want. Having a life partner, yes, but a marriage, no. I am not going to sign my life away," she told Wasafi Media yesterday.

Asked if she has considered dating her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, again, Zari said that is the least of her thoughts.


"I have never thought of him getting back with me. At this moment, we are at co-parenting level, which is suitable for both of us."

"Being in a romantic relationship with him is something that has not crossed my mind. I don't even think about it. I wish him well that he gets someone who is going to settle him down and grow him."

The two broke up on Valentine's Day, 2018, and had been speaking through their lawyers. At one point, Zari insinuated the singer was a deadbeat dad. It only took a text message for the two to start speaking again.

"That reunion was so good because they remembered him even after two years of not seeing each other. I am glad they have their father back in their lives and that's the most important thing," Zari said.

"He wanted to come to see the kids but we got into lockdown. When it got opened, he said he was busy with the campaign, so we had to come.

"Single mothers are very strong and can raise good kids, but you need a father figure in their lives."

Zari also moved out of Diamond's South African mansion months after their break up.


"I was at a point where I could buy another house and these are not the houses I own with my late baby daddy. I could have gone to those houses but I said no cause I could have bought another house. He knows I am renting that house and taking rent money. He bought it for the kids," she said.

After their break-up, Zari flaunted a man whom she termed as 'King Bae'. She never unveiled his face but they later broke up.

"No one gets into a relationship thinking they want to be there for a short term. You go into it thinking you are going to grow and build together," she said.

"He was there and he was a very chilled but with relationships, things happen. It didn't work and we still talk once in a while."

She has on several times clapped back at social media users who hate on her. "I am very protective. They say a lot of things about me but If anyone talks about my child, I am forced to clap back," she said.

Talking about her weight gain, she said, "It's normal to add weight and to lose it. I was in lockdown and I was not working out and I was eating. I will get back to the gym and it's not an issue at all."

Zari and her kids are back to South Africa after spending a week in Tanzania.

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