Don't take it personal, It was just showbiz, Harmonize tells Diamond fans

He's faced backlash from the Bongo star's supporters for 'Ushamba' song

In Summary

• Forced to explain himself, he says it was just entertainment that resembled reality

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Harmonize is trending for his new song ‘Ushamba’, in which he threw jabs at his former boss, Diamond Platnumz, terming him a shady womaniser.

The lyrics include: "Legends want a fight with me, they fear I’m surpassing them. That Simba (Diamond Platnumz) is old and toothless. He sleeps with women and announces to people."


Well, fans of Diamond Platnumz have been giving Harmonize sleepless nights as the singer has been forced to explain himself, saying it is just show business and that people should not take it to heart.

"Don’t take it personal. Nothing but entertainment, na naijua kweli. Raha ya utani ufanane na ukweli kidogo!!! Le'ts go street anthem. 'Ushamba'."

Harmonize and Diamond do not see eye to eye after Harmonize terminated his contract with Wasafi.