Kamene Goro stuck with tattoo of ex's name

They broke up two weeks after she had inked his name

In Summary

• Kamene related with someone trending for having an ex's name tattooed on them

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro
Image: Kiss FM

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro says she tattooed the name of her ex-boyfriend on herself two weeks before they separated.

Speaking on the breakfast show, Kamene related with a trending photo of someone who has tattoed the name of his partner, Agnes, on his neck.

"There is one of my sister’s name and my third tattoo was my first boyfriend’s name. I chapad it on my back straight down to my spine," she said.

"I had to tattoo something on top to cover it. It is so weird, I got the tattoo and two weeks later, we broke up."

She added, "Love is stupid! Yaani, even before I covered it up, the guys I dated used to get mad. I believe and I am convinced that love is stupid, aki. You never think beyond your nose."