Cute way Janet Mbugua’s sons reacted to her periods

She talks about it all the time but was caught flat-footed by her kids

In Summary

• Janet stained on her clothes and her son unwittingly pointed it out

Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua
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Media personality Janet Mbugua has been in the frontline speaking on how to end menstrual shame.

In an Instagram post, Janet shared her latest experience, where she stained on her clothes and her son was quick to notice.

"Is there any woman who can confidently say they never had an embarrassing menstrual staining story?" she asked.


"I’m walking in front of my sons towards the play area at home, as we prepare for a fun afternoon of activities. Huru (son) remarks casually, ‘Mum, I think you sat on the red flowers’."

The mother of two said that as she was trying to figure out what he meant, she froze and tried to act normal all at once.

"Our nanny, who was walking behind us and had already seen my mess even before Huru did, was rushing to my aid. She whispers, ‘umeharibu nguo’ (You’ve spoilt your clothes)."

The hush tones and her general embarrassment had her two sons Huru and Mali curious, and they were both staring at her speaking to the nanny.

"By this time, I’m walking backwards towards my bedroom, a weak smile on my face."

She shared a conversation that went on afterwards.

Huru: What’s wrong? Me: (weak smile) Nothing, bubba. Mali: What's wrong? Me: (still weak-smiling) Nothing, dear! (as I perfect my moonwalk).


Nanny: (Awkward gaze).

Me: I’m fine everyone, it’s just... Huru: Red flowers. From your office room, when you were filming.

Oh, yes! I had been filming some content for @myfirsttimestories and @inuadada, which entailed red rose petals. Who was I to argue!

Me: Yes, red flowers. I’ll just change and come to play, ok?

Huru and Mali: Ok!

Janet's sons are two and five years old, and she says she does not dare to explain periods, let alone period stains, at that moment, but promises to do so soon.

She added that she was so embarrassed.

"In my case, I thought, ‘Sis, you talk about this all the time. You have the tools and knowledge to do better. What’s up?’ But, I’m human."