Make-up sex the best, says Risper Faith

Couples love each other more after fighting in relationships, she says

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• She and hubby used to fight in the beginning but it made their relationship stronger

Couple Brian Muiruri with Risper Faith
Couple Brian Muiruri with Risper Faith
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Always fighting with your partner? Worry not, you'll be making sweet love afterwards, says socialite Risper Faith.

Engaging her Instagram followers on relationships, she said conflicts are not necessarily a bad thing.

"For those of you who are starting, don’t quit because of fighting. It's okay, lol. N/B, sex after a fight is always the best," she said.

Speaking from experience, the mother of one said fighting can enhance harmony in the long-term.

Risper said in her first year of dating now-husband Brian Muiruri, they fought almost every day.

However, the fights petered out because they have learnt to live with each other.

"It narrowed down to once a month and nowadays we barely fight. So it's okay to fight to make the love stronger and to understand each other," she said.

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