Mother's love sobered me up after prayers had failed — OJ

Wife's threat, pastor's prayers failed to do the trick

In Summary

• He was prayed for by a pastor and even had counselling sessions, all in vain

Actor Dennis Mugo alias OJ
Actor Dennis Mugo alias OJ
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Former 'Tahidi High' actor Dennis Mugo alias OJ says his drinking was so bad, a pastor was summoned to pray for him to stop it.

Speaking on his YouTube Channel, OJ said alcohol had taken a toll on him and he sank into depression after he discovered he had squandered all the money he made from the show.

In the latest episode of his YouTube show, he explained it took several interventions before he quit alcohol.


OJ said he was given an ultimatum to change by his then wife before they broke up.

"My drinking was bad. I was even prayed for by a pastor. He lay his hands on me and all that and I even had counselling sessions for weeks, but after that, I still went back to drinking," he said.

His family also tried to talk to him to get him to think about the effects of his drinking and his social circles.

His turning point came when his mother called him to live with her.

"When I moved in with my mother, I was not drinking and I had to change my circle of friends," he said.

He moved to his place in Syokimau and he was able to get his life back on track.

"I started going to work, which I had abandoned due to my drinking, and my son also came to visit and I got to build my relationship with him," he said.


He is in the fourth year of his recovery journey.