Rexxion: I nearly got killed as a kid

Ethiopian singer, who started singing at the age of 12, believes he is the next big thing in Africa

In Summary

• Fleeing war, he escaped death by a whisker when he was five years old

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Budding artiste and record producer Rexxion has been through it all in life. The Nairobi-based Ethiopian artiste, 18, is working on his EP, which he's set to release soon.

Rexxion, a native of Gambela, has had a tough childhood. Speaking to Word Is on Saturday, he said he and his family were forced to move after intercommunity clashes.

"My childhood has been quite frightening, from escaping a war-torn country to coming to a peaceful Kenya," he said.

"I escaped death by a whisker when I was five years old. I was nearly killed in war-torn South Sudan and had to seek refuge in the neighbouring Uganda, eventually settled in Kenya together with my family."


The Afro-pop and dancehall singer, who looks up to Migos and Nigerian singer Davido, said his biggest challenge has been breaking out into the industry.

"My music has been inspired by my people, my culture and my current environment," he said.