Isaac Mwaura's wife could not smile due to discoloured teeth

She is grateful she had the resources to eventually fix her ruined teeth

In Summary

• Growing up with a sweet tooth, she ended up needing root canal surgeries and fillings

Nelius Mukami past and present photo
Nelius Mukami past and present photo
Image: Courtesy

Senator Isaac Mwaura's wife Nelius Mukami has shared her insecurity of having problematic teeth while growing up.

Celebrating her new smile in a post on Instagram, Nelius said she hated smiling as she had discoloured teeth.

"I had my first filling in Class 6 and my sweet tooth did not help," she said.


Nelius had a root canal for her front tooth, which was followed by another filling in Form 2.

"So apart from constant toothaches, I also had discoloured teeth and I hated smiling," she said, adding that people thought they had borehole water at home.

She says in 2016 while pregnant, at week eight when they found out they were carrying triplets, she had already started having toothaches.

"My front tooth broke when I was six months pregnant but nothing could be done," she said.

She delivered but unfortunately lost two of their triplets.

Because of the loss, Nelius says she could not do anything as she was going through so much.

After a while, she dealt with working on her weight and later is when she concentrated on working on her teeth.


"It was horrible and it took me eight months to get my beautiful smile," she said.

"We all have insecurities which we should never allow to rule our lives. But God has also given us the knowledge and resources on how to fix some of these insecurities."