Dating Ruth Matete messed up my life — Prince Tsyder

Ruth won Sh5 million but was reported to be broke in months

In Summary

• Tsyder was accused of squandering the money she won from Tusker Project Fame

Ruth Matete's ex-boyfriend Prince Tsyder
Ruth Matete's ex-boyfriend Prince Tsyder
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Ruth Matete's ex-boyfriend Prince Tsyder, popularly known as Toni from Tahidi High drama, says his relationship with the singer messed up his life.

Tsyder was accused of squandering the prize money Matete won from Tusker Project Fame.

Ruth won Sh5 million but her life changed for the worse. In previous interviews, she said she was mocked for giving a tenth of the prize money to the church as a tithe.


A few months after winning, Ruth’s money was over and she was back to zero.

"I tried to commit suicide since I had never been in a place where I was required to handle so much pressure," she said.

"It was hard for me and I embarked on fasting for 21 days but only managed 16."

Speaking in an interview with Dennis Mugo alias OJ on his YouTube channel, Tsyder revisited their time together.

"My relationship with Ruth Matete was one of the hardest. To some point, she doesn’t even know if she messed up my life," he said.

"We were in a relationship and guys assumed I squandered all her money. When I met her, she did not have any money."

He regrets that Ruth did not clarify to the public that he was not there for her money.


"I don’t think Ruth is a stupid girl who will allow a man to come and squander her money," he said.

"She is not that stupid. At least she should have clarified I was a different guy. We had challenges just like any other relationship and if you realise, I never spoke. My family even started to doubt me."

The two moved on and Tsyder is already a father to a daughter, while Matete is expecting her first child.