What babymoon? I am at home, says Samidoh

Samidoh denies allegations he is in Nakuru for the babymoon of Karen Nyamu.

In Summary

• Karen recently shared a video on Instagram, seemingly talking to Samidoh

• Samidoh also denied attending her baby shower in Nairobi.

Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu
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Benga musician Samidoh has denied allegations he is in Nakuru for the babymoon of politician Karen Nyamu.

Samidoh had denied being in a sexual relationship with Karen and being the father of her unborn child. He also denied attending her baby shower in Nairobi.

He told Word Is he had not met Karen for over three months.


On September 26, Karen shared a video on her Instagram page, engaging what sounds like Samidoh in a conversation.

Two days after the video, Karen shared videos and photos from her baby shower, and in one of the photos, she wrote, "Surprise baby shower. I have the best friends ever!

"Thank you so much for making me feel so special. To baba SM Jr kwa kuniset up na ma meetings haziko. May someone make you feel just like you made me feel today."

Coincidentally, she revealed she is carrying a baby boy, whom she will name as SM Jr, which are initials of the real names of Samidoh (Samuel Muchoki).

Asked about his wife's reaction after the story broke, Samidoh said she is okay.

"I was worried about my wife but we have talked and she is okay. She knows I am not in a sexual relationship with Karen since the allegations have reached her again sometimes back."


Samidoh had insisted that he is not dating Karen.

"I have a wife with children and I do not intend to get another one with the current economy."

I have not been dating her, she has just been my big fan for a long time."


The 'Mumbi' hitmaker says the story has come to him as a surprise since he was not in Nairobi over the weekend.

"I am surprised by the whole story, they claim I even attended her baby shower na sikua ata Nairobi." I have not even met her for over three months after I cut ties with her since I realised our friendship would affect my family," he said.

When Word Is reached out to Karen Nyamu, she declined to comment about carrying the singer's baby.

During our conversation, she could be heard saying, "'Samidoh' are you the father?" as though he was present.

Karen came to the limelight during the 2017 general election, when she contested for Nairobi woman representative. She is expecting baby number two.

Samidoh said he does not want to talk further about his alleged ties to her. "People should write what they want to. Other information, I will give my advocate to respond to since there are some things I have filed," he said.