Why Naiboi unfollowed everyone on Instagram

Singer says his addictive use of the site was depressing

In Summary

• Seeing other artistes release songs while his were delayed frustrated him

Image: Courtesy

Singer Naiboi says he blocked people on Instagram so he could stop feeding his addiction to frustrations.

Speaking in a YouTube interview with Emos Njoroge, Naiboi said there was a time last year he was so addicted to his phone, checking what big artistes are doing every day.

"I was like, Diamond amefanya nini? Davido, Wizkid? So it became a habit every morning and it was depressing ukiona ametoa ngoma na wewe bado."


He decided to share the issue with Nyashinski, who does not follow anyone on Instagram.

"Maybe the director has delayed your song. It becomes depressing and you become addicted to frustration," he said.

"When I shared that with Nyash, he told me kama hii ndio shida, si uachane nayo and since then, I am now peaceful."