Sh2m to wed not wise, says Size 8

Young couple were seeking advice ahead of their nuptials

In Summary

• The Murayas urged a couple to invest half the amount in their children's education

Size 8
Size 8
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Size 8 and husband DJ Mo have advised young couples to invest wisely. The two are celebrating their seventh anniversary this year.

Speaking during their reality show 'Dine with The Murayas', Size 8 said they are investing heavily in the future of their two children.


She was advising a guest couple who want to spend Sh2 million on their wedding on the show.

Size 8 said, "For now, DJ Mo and I are saving for our kids’ education fund. Wambo has one for Sh20,000, Sh30,000 and another one Sh10,000 and it matures with time," she said.

"Junior (son) has one for Sh40,000, which is Sh100,000 per month." She went ahead to advise the couple to invest wisely.

"If you take this two million and put it in an education fund for one kid… Afadhali mfanye wedding ya Sh1 million and the other million muweke kwa education fund," she said.