Kahush hopes to work with Nyashinski

He is set to drop an EP that includes a song on his toughest heartbreak

In Summary

• Kahush says he grew up listening to music and that is how he started singing.

Mutahi Kagwe's son Kahush
Mutahi Kagwe's son Kahush

Nyashinski is among the artistes rapper Kahush is looking forward to working with.

In an interview on Jalas TV, Kahush said Nyash's incredible music is one that every artiste would admire.

"I hope to learn from him some day. I have to work hard and get there first. Nyashinski, I will see you soon," he said.


Kahush says he grew up listening to music and so they were always vibing and he picked it up.

"I was supported ever since I proved I could do music," he said.

Kahush says his songs are all based on his lifestyle, things he has been through, experienced and seen.

He is set to drop an EP and he says there is a song on the toughest heartbreak he has experienced.

"Who dumps Kahush? I have sung about this pain because it is still there," he said.