How Loise Kim's daughter risked life to keep a friend

She ingested ink in a bid to thwart a split with her high school best friend

In Summary

• Marya says she did not want to transfer from the school because of her best friend

Loise Kim (C) with her two children
Loise Kim (C) with her two children
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Marya Kimani, daughter of gospel singer Loise Kim, has opened up on a time she risked death to save a friendship.

On her YouTube channel, Marya discussed how life was when she joined high school.

Although she loved making friends, being around new people made it hard for her to socialise.


In the third term, she found this girl who was bright and performing very well in academics. At the time, Marya loved her school because they had all the freedom.

"We were not even reading much," she said, adding that most of the times the students relaxed in the dormitory.

"Even when my pocket money was finished, she would share hers and vice versa," she said.

Marya was not a performer and her friend was a bright student. They would do exams and Marya would fail terribly. Her friend would pass and she used to encourage her so much. Before she joined form three, the school was ranked the last school in the region.

Her mother, Losie Kim, got to know about this and said she would transfer her.

"So I decided to do something to avoid being transferred. I was not ready to leave my friends," she said.

"I was sick at the time and was on drips, so I took a biro and put the ink inside the drip so I could drink it.


"Later in the evening, my tummy was burning because I had taken so much ink, I had put inks of different colours inside the drip."

It was because of the pain she went through that she decided it was not worth it.

Marya eventually got transferred and to date, she hasn’t seen that ‘friend’ who almost made her take away her life.

"I learnt that we don’t live for people. We don’t speak and we are no longer best friends. I would have died for nothing," she said.