Rapper Wangeci wins case against Tecno

Details of the settlement were not made public

In Summary

• The company used her photos without her consent to promote a new phone

Image: Courtesy

Rapper Wangechi, whose photo was used by Tecno Mobile phone company in a campaign back in 2016, has won the case.

Four years ago, the company used her images without her knowledge and consent.

After communication with the company, Wangeci claimed Tecno Mobile went quiet and pulled down the images, but the incensed Wangechi demanded for pay.


"In early June, Tecno Kenya ran an ad campaign around a new phone and used my image for that campaign," she wrote.


"They used my image and likeness in the form of an advertisement, which came across as an endorsement of the product.

"They did not seek my approval or consent for it. Neither did they pay for the use of my image and likeness, yet after eight weeks of legal conversation, they went silent and deleted all images and videos associated with me.

"As artistes, our image and likeness is our source of livelihood, it is our bread and butter. It is not okay to misuse and take away from us when we work so hard to build ourselves."

Wangechi won the court case against the mobile company on Thursday. The excited artiste took to Instagram to thank her lawyers for helping her.

"Four years ago my constitutional rights to privacy were infringed," she wrote.

"Today the courts ruled in my favour and proved I have a right to control how my image and likeness is used publicly. Toast to my legal team @omuodoogutu for ensuring a guaranteed win and keeping me calm and reassured through a long court process. I hope this sets a precedent for future similar cases."