Stay true to you: Mutoko in letter to younger self

She lacked confidence in herself and her body but turned out alright

In Summary

• She says the reason for the letter is to inspire the younger generation

Caroline Mutoko
Caroline Mutoko

Radio Africa's Caroline Mutoko struggled to be confident during her teenage years.

In a video on her Instagram page, Caroline penned a letter to her 16-year-old self, wishing she knew some things back then.

She says the reason for the letter is to inspire the younger generation.


Despite her confidence today, she says she struggled with confidence as she had an introverted personality. She adds that it may sound weird to go back to then, but she finds it necessary.

"The introvert that you are will find rhythm and life in a world that is constantly 'on', on radio, on-screen and in magazines," she said.

"Stop shaking your head. I know you don’t feel like you have the confidence to do any of these things right now, but you will and you will excel at it."

Caroline narrated her journey to being a radio queen, as her first job was that of a messenger when she was 17 years.

"First things first, please leave your skin alone," she said, adding that her skin would thank her later for not using chemicals and other products.

She recounted how her mother was tough on her during her teenage days, and would never allow her to apply nail polish or adopt certain hairstyles until she was 18 years.

She says the challenges shaped her to become the person she is today.


She also narrated how uncomfortable she was with her body, until later when she learned to appreciate herself.

"Let’s deal with the reason you still will not dress in the changing room at swimming practice and still run to the toilet," she said.

"You have neither the curves nor the bust your classmates have and worse still, the little show of bust you have is false advertising. Imagine if they found out you stuffed your bra?

"Trust me when I say your body will fill out beautifully, and your bust will hold its way into your 40s. You have staying power. Stay the course, stay true to you."