Why Mike Mondo quit smoking

He's getting older and needs to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

In Summary
  • He says he has been smoking for 10 years.
  • Down to around five cigarettes a day from a pack a day.
Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo
Image: Victor Imboto

Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo has quit smoking.

He started the journey in June. Speaking to Word Is, Mike said he has been smoking for 10 years.


"I have been smoking since the year 2010 and I am growing older, which means I need to develop a healthier lifestyle," he said.


"I used to smoke 20 pieces a day, which is a whole packet."

Mike said the journey has not been easy but he is slowly adjusting. "It's tough. Down to around five cigarettes a day from a pack a day," he said.

Mike said it is not true that all radio presenters smoke to develop a deep voice.

"You either have the voice or not. Smoking doesn't make your voice deeper. If that was the case, women who smoke would sound like me. With a bass."

His advice to people who are trying to quit smoking is, it's not an easy journey.


"The temptation to smoke is too much. But try to get something to distract you from the [urge] to smoke," he said.


"You will fail every once in a while, but it's OK. Get back on that journey and keep at it."

Other celebrities who have quit smoking include Terence Creative.

He recently warned his fans against smoking, saying the addiction has taken a toll on his social life and physical health.

The comedian said he would smoke two to three cigarette packs a day.